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Hurley is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, worldwide marketing and selling of surf apparel and accessories. The company's headquarters is in Costa Mesa, California. From 2002 to 2019, Hurley was a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. In 2019 Hurley was sold to branding and licensing company Bluestar Alliance LLC.

A former lead sales manager shared his experience, "I was star employee after 3 weeks of working for Hurley. I received many awards and gift-cards for winning events we had placed at our store. I was made a key holder after 6 months, and then sales lead the following years. My manager got a new position at another location and she ended up leaving. The new manager, who came from the San Marcos Hurley had something against me. She publicly humiliated me and cussed me out in front of employees and customers. I have never been so upset with a company before, and Nike owns them. I pray this never happens to anyone else, because I was planning on working for them for a long time."


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Graphic Designer says

"-Entitled People -Low Pay, No Recognition -Works on buddy system, buddies get promoted the rest stay stagnant -Broken Promises -No Growth Potential"

Head Coach says

"laid back surfer mentality, nothing gets done and no follow through. even though Hurley is owned by Nike"

Former Employee - Product Developer says

"Sold by Nike and everything changed. The Hurley family is no longer involved. All categories are licenses to different companies."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- consistent gossip and trash talking (make up code names to talk bad about other people in the office) - very clique-ish and not very welcoming - hard to move up or move around the company unless you are friends with the higher ups or have connections - not so easy to move into Nike roles. Apparently Nike isn’t a fan of hurley employees (heard this from an employee who went to work in Oregon)"

Former Employee - Designer says

"Designers here typically are hired based on something other than their design skills, none of the designers know how to draw or sew or flat pattern or drape. It's weird. Kind of a mess. You will have more luck if you are a friend of the family though."

Former Employee - Assistant Technical Designer says

"It is a very political work environment. Permanent hiring rarely ever takes place. People are very good at blaming others when something goes wrong. I worked there for over a year with no raise and made minimum wage. I was never given a clear career path within the company. It takes very long for anything to happen. There was a period of time where I worked full time hours plus overtime, but didn't receive any benefits because I was considered a "part-time over employee." No chance to grow within the company. Only a select few have been given the opportunity to grow."

Former Employee - Warehouse Lead says

"The corporate office lacks leadership. Their communication skills are horrible in which everyone lies on everyone. No one truly has your back. Corporate will believe anything someone says about you but won't investigate. Leads and supervisors sleeping with associates and corporate does nothing."

Current Employee - Emoloyee says

"The Challenges of working here....favortism is a major problem at my store specifically. ..positions are promised to people who do not pull their weight as an asociate, managers hang out with associates and ply hen turn around and promise them promotions without taking in consideration that they don't bring anything to the store sales wise. Many people are complaining about this problem at my store and I've brought this up to my store manager numerous times but nothing has changed. I was told that a position was open for me, I trained for it and worked in that position for almost 8 months, I interviewed for the position on a panel and passed and was offered the position, 2 months later I haven't received the status nor pay then I was demoted due to two of the friends that were promised a position at the store. Got HR involved and still waiting on the outcome. ...worked hard, pretty much for nothing."

Former Employee - Technical Design says

"Young staff is immature and corporate office feels like high school with popular kids and bullies. Many late nights and weekends. No compensation for overtime, not even old fit samples which other fashion houses give away. Department managers supported and participated in gossip and bad mouthing other employees, creating bad working environment!"

Former Employee - Shipper/Receiver says

"Promised a lot of stuff that doesn’t happen"

Key Holder (Manager) says

"Of course there are opportunities, but the lack of management guidelines is a major flaw. The in house politics were horrific. no matter how hard you try, how much extra hours you put in, even if you voluntarily work on a day off, efforts seem to be unnoticed. Unless! you're liked by a superior. There were rare occasions where the right staff and management were in house and the day would be great, would make you want to work and be there all day. combination of fun, work, and business.nothingshort breaks, inconsistent scheduling, health care"

Self-Employed Researcher (Current Employee) says

"Limited recent funding and research work, although I do have a wide range of contacts in several different areas and cities, working within a broader framework and subject value.Self-EmployedNo Regular Increment"

Sales Lead (Former Employee) says

"Terrible. No room for advancement and the store manager is horrible. It depends on who is running the store because I have met great teams but the one I worked for was so staff dresseverything else"

Store Associate (Former Employee) says

"The manager was horrible and on a power trip most of the time. The other assoicates were cool for the most part. All in all its a bunch of young people working together some are cool and some are all about theirselves Ricos cool though."

Steamfitter (Current Employee) says

"If your down to get really dirty it’s for you. You do alittle bit of everything. You work mainly on boilers and chillers. You learn how to elf and to Souter pipeNoneNone"

Seasonal Associate (Former Employee) says

"Never kept up with my schedule, look a long time to receive my pay check and showed a lot of favoritism between employs. I do like the company the work ethic how ever could use some improvement."

Fanshawe College Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"When I worked for the company, they didnt care about their employees. The employees were treated like garbage. I haven't been with the company in more then 2 years. So I hope all has changed."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was the same, very slow & boring. They were so worried about having a decent conversion rather than anything else. They hassled us to be overly friendly with the customers even after a customer would tell us "oh, no i dont need any help. im just looking.", in all honesty who really wants someone in their face 24/7 while shopping asking them over & over if they "need help". The hardest part of the job was dealing with the managers talking to you like you're a little kid, telling you how to do something. The most enjoyable part of the job was the coworkers, they were in my age group (20-23) & understood my pain lol."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Great people to work with. Business is really slow during the week. Parking during the holidays is crazy.Discount on clotheshealthcare, parking"

COORDINATOR (Current Employee) says

"Fun, Chill Place to Work, Lacks structured Organization and Communication. The company really does feel like family - with all the pros and cons, and politics that come with a family. But also a lot of love."

Trainee assistant manager (Current Employee) says

"My day starts at 8:45 minutes i start by cleaning the store then make sure I do the floats because we have two terminals in store I also have to prepare the store do counts stock room and floor depends on who am working with because its a team clothinglong hours"

Management (Former Employee) says

"Great workplace but it comes with a glass ceiling. Upward movement is limited to having someone above you resign. Choices made for those who are moved up are heavily based on subjective opinion as opposed to the work one puts in, their qualifications, and successes shown through hard numbers and financial results. Employees are often led on to thinking they will receive advancement in order to keep them in the company and working to par but in the truth are often seen as expendable. A great place to work for someone in their early 20s looking for a fun, flexible job to segway into a career. Upper managememt, especially the area manager of Texas, is highly deceptive, unprofessional, and condescending to the employees under her.Fun environment, flexible schedulingLimited room for growth, under qualified/competent upper management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"If your used to processing clothes and it being slow this is the job for you , I thought leaving from converse to Hurley would be good it was just to slow for me ."

Sales assistant (Current Employee) says

"I am a surfer so working at Hurley is ideal for me. Although I am willing to branch out to expand my learning curve. I enjoy the calming and active environment within HurleyIncentivesManagement"

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"- Es un trabajo activo y ambiente juvenil - He aprendido a conocer mejor el Mundo del Surf - Mis compañeros muy entregados - Lo más difícil el cambio del sistema informático con problemas( al ser nuevo) - Lo que más me ha gustado el diseño de las prendas con tanta tecnología avanzadaseguros médicos"

team member (Current Employee) says

"Service Center (not retail store) - Operating hours vary with start times between 4am & 8am. Closing times between 1pm & 7pm. All team members are part time. No full time positions. Company is still learning and growing. Lots of changes all the time. Flexible work schedules with in operating hours. Typical day consists of Pricing, Hanging, Tagging merchandise...Pick, pull, and back stocking product all day."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"I love working here. The people are friendly, including those people that visit the store from corporate! The only thing is that management is not all that great. The manager favors, there are NO advancements whatsoever, unless someone that has a higher position quits. You are not recognized if you perform good, employee on the month is based off of voting by the team members, who hardly even see each other. Works hours are terrible. However, the company is very flexible with school schedules. Co-workers are really nice.Bonuses if you perform on quota, fun people, nice work environment.Short breaks, no advancements."

Store Leader (Current Employee) says

"The store manager at Vineland fosters a toxic environment, that makes it difficult to work with. She lacks the ability to communicate effectively with out the use of undermining, and condescending tones of superiority.Free merch quarterlyStore manager at Vineland is the worst"

Staff Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Loved the flexibility I had to make my own schedule and work independently, but the management lacked knowledge that would lead to individual and company growth."

john denise scharber says

"If I could Leave zero stars I would ordered 2 pair of 34 waist board shorts. 2 pair came
1 32 inch 1 36 inch. No refunds!! Sales receipts says 2 34 ordered what a JOKE OF A COMPANY"

Edward Doroteo says

"Last time ordering from these people. They used to be great with customers, not anymore. I ordered on 9/2/20 was told that my item will arrive before my trip on the 14th, now I’m told that I won’t get it till 15th. Now the package will sit outside the house for a month... so I basically ordered to waste money & time. I should’ve went with quicksilver. All my items arrived in 5 days from them with free shipping!"

GApeach says

"I was interested in ordering 2 wetsuits from Hurley so I looked at the size charts to figure out what size I would be and also checked the return policy on their website ( to make sure that if they didn't fit I would be able to exchange or return them for the full amount.

I read through their return policy linked in the footer on to here which has no mention of any restocking fees: {link redacted}
I received my order and the sizing was off and I was not able to fit in either suit. The size 8 was too big, and the size 10 was too small, which there is no way possible was me ordering the wrong size. That is a quality control issue on their suit sizing.

Sent the defective suits back & when I got the refund amount it was $80 less than I paid. I asked their CS and was told they kept 20% for a restocking fee even though the suits were in brand new condition with tags shipped back in the exact packaging they had sent them to me in despite no mention on their policy page.

TL;DR Hurley scammed me out of $80 for an unpublished 20% restocking fee on 2 defective wetsuits."

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